Alice Adria Jackson - The Skye Boat Song I love this song Alicia Adria Jackson – The Skye Boat Song This song is dedicated to my dear dad, I love you! 😘 Laura 🙀😜 I love your broacast ! Please play more Celtic ong for this afternoon


Experience the Heart of Scotland’s Musical Heritage

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Inverness, Scotland – Scotlander Radio stations are revolutionizing the airwaves, delivering a diverse range of musical experiences that resonate with the soul of the country. With a dedicated focus on showcasing Scotland’s cultural richness, these stations offer a captivating blend of genres that are bound to leave listeners enthralled.

Scotlander One

Immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of Celtic and Scottish music as Scotlander One takes you on a journey through the country’s musical legacy. Broadcasting from the picturesque city of Inverness in the Scottish Highlands, this station encapsulates the essence of Scotland’s cultural heritage.

Scotlander Two

With a dedication to bringing the beat to your feet, Scotlander Two is your ultimate destination for pop hits that transcend boundaries. Beyond the music, Scotlander Two Radio is an invitation to shed inhibitions, let loose, and embrace the power of dance. Scotlander Two isn’t just broadcasting music; it’s broadcasting the soundtrack to your life’s dance party, where the party never stops.

Scotlander Three

Delve into hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s, rediscovering timeless classics that have left an indelible mark on music history. Beyond playing hits, the station unravels the stories behind the songs and artists that defined a generation. Scotlander Three isn’t just about listening; it’s about connecting and revisiting moments and memories through timeless tunes. Turn the dial to Scotlander Three and journey through musical history.

Scotlander Four

The station’s unique blend of the smoothest melodies and the catchiest pop hooks strikes a balance between relaxation and excitement.

From cozy dinner parties to road trips with friends, Scotlander Four’s diverse range of tunes seamlessly fits every occasion.

Scotlander Five

Celebrate the authenticity of Roots and Country music with Scotlander Five, your gateway to heartfelt melodies and genuine musical connections. Beyond the music, Scotlander Five delves into the stories behind the lyrics, artists, and cultures that have shaped these genres. Scotlander Five isn’t just about playing tunes; it’s about creating connections and a shared love for music.

Turn up the volume, embrace the melodies, and let Scotlander Radio be your companion in musical exploration.

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