Alice Adria Jackson - The Skye Boat Song I love this song Alicia Adria Jackson – The Skye Boat Song This song is dedicated to my dear dad, I love you! 😘 Laura 🙀😜 I love your broacast ! Please play more Celtic ong for this afternoon


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Art and Culture

Agenda for Saturday, September 2nd: Things to Do

Braemar Gathering Location: Princess Royal and Duke of Fife Memorial Park, Aberdeenshire Date: Saturday, 9am to 5pm Description: Experience the world-famous Braemar Gathering, featuring heavy, light, dancing, and piping competitions. Join thousands of attendees for a royal day out, with the King and Queen expected to be in attendance. Tickets available at Doors Open Days Location: Various locations in Aberdeen, Inverness, Black Isle, and Easter Ross Description: Explore Scotland's largest free festival, Doors Open Days. Visit fascinating buildings that […]

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Art and Culture

Podcast Agenda for Saturday, August 26th: Things to Do

Nessie Hunt Description: Join the Loch Ness Centre and Loch Ness Exploration for the largest surface watch of Loch Ness since 1972. They're searching for unexplainable ripples on the water, and you can participate this Saturday and Sunday. If you can't make it to the Highlands, tune in to the live stream at Aberdeen Mela Location: Queens Links, Aberdeen Date: Sunday, noon to 7pm Description: Celebrate the cultural diversity of Aberdeen at the Aberdeen Mela. Enjoy global street food, […]

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Introducing “Troubadour” – A Musical Journey by Adria Jackson

Welcome to Scotlander Radio, your passport to the diverse and vibrant world of musical artistry! Our station is dedicated to promoting artists from around the globe, and we're thrilled to feature the incredible talents of Adria Jackson and her latest album, "Troubadour." Join us as we take you on a melodic journey across continents, cultures, and genres. Adria Jackson's hauntingly beautiful voice, accompanied by the mesmerizing melodies of her handcrafted harp, will transport you to realms of musical wonder. With […]

todayAugust 23, 2023 16

Art and Culture

Agenda for Saturday, August 19th: Things to Do

Culinary Delights Explore a diverse range of cuisines at popular restaurants like 8848 Restaurant, Faffless, Olive Alexanders, and Six By Nico. Make sure to secure your reservations in advance as this weekend promises to be bustling with food enthusiasts. Tea in the Park Location: Glenlivet Public Hall Dates: Open daily until August 27th, 11am to 4pm Description: Experience the charm of Tea in the Park, a volunteer-led community cafe and craft fair. Indulge in delicious treats and appreciate local craftsmanship […]

todayAugust 19, 2023 6

Art and Culture

Agenda for Saturday, August 12th: Things to Do

British and Irish Tug of War Championships Location: Elgin, Scotland (Cooper Park) Date: Saturday and Sunday Description: Witness the excitement as local teams compete in various weight categories during the British and Irish Tug of War Championships. This traditional sport promises a thrilling weekend. Event Info: Entry is free. Learn more at Aberdeen Fringe Festival Location: Shiprow, Aberdeen Description: If you missed the Edinburgh Fringe, don't worry! Aberdeen has its own Fringe Festival, featuring musicians, comedians, art, children's entertainment, […]

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Experience the Heart of Scotland’s Musical Heritage

Inverness, Scotland – Scotlander Radio stations are revolutionizing the airwaves, delivering a diverse range of musical experiences that resonate with the soul of the country. With a dedicated focus on showcasing Scotland's cultural richness, these stations offer a captivating blend of genres that are bound to leave listeners enthralled. Scotlander One Immerse yourself in the soulful sounds of Celtic and Scottish music as Scotlander One takes you on a journey through the country's musical legacy. Broadcasting from the picturesque city […]

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Art and Culture

Agenda for Saturday, August 5th: Things to Do

UCI Cycling World Championships Location: Scotland (Nevis Range in Fort William) Description: Witness the "biggest cycling event ever" featuring the Mountain Bike Downhill competition. Riders will tackle a challenging course, covering 1.7 miles and descending 1,800ft at speeds up to 50mph. Website: Moy Country Fair Location: Moy Estate Time: 9am to 5.30pm Description: Enjoy a day of family-friendly activities including clay pigeon shooting, a mountain bike stunt team, food and drink stalls, falconry displays, and support local charities. Ticket […]

todayAugust 5, 2023 1 9


Journey to the Heart of Music: Scotlander Five

Presents an Authentic Blend of Roots and Country Tunes! Inverness, Scotland - Get ready to be transported to the heart of musical traditions as Scotlander Five brings you an immersive experience of Roots and Country music. With an unwavering dedication to preserving the authenticity and soul of these genres, Scotlander Five is your gateway to a world of heartfelt melodies, storytelling, and genuine musical connection. Embrace the Essence of Roots and Country Scotlander Five is your window to the rich […]

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Elevate Your Playlist: Scotlander Four

Introduces a Melodic Fusion of Pop, and Top 40 Smooth Hits! Inverness, Scotland - Get ready to experience the ultimate auditory delight as Scotlander Four takes the center stage with a dynamic blend of Pop, and Top 40 Smooth tunes that are bound to leave you entranced. With an unwavering commitment to curating a musical journey that soothes the soul and lifts the spirits, Scotlander Four is your go-to destination for a harmonious and unforgettable listening experience. A Symphony of […]

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