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Today’s Weather Snapshot! – August 31th

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Hello, and welcome to your weather podcast. Here’s your comprehensive weather forecast for today:

Starting with the Highlands & Islands, you can expect a mix of sunny spells and light showers throughout the day. Keep an eye out for gentle winds that will accompany these changing weather patterns.

Moving to the North East, the day is predicted to be mostly dry, with intermittent sunny spells breaking through. Gentle south-easterly winds will grace this region.

In the West, the sky will be cloudy, and rain or showers are expected to make an appearance later in the day. You’ll notice gentle south-easterly winds accompanying these weather changes.

The Central region will experience a cloudy day with showers forecasted for the afternoon. Expect gentle south-easterly winds throughout.

Temperature-wise, the day will see a maximum of 17°C (83°F) and a minimum of 12°C (54°F).

For those curious about lighting up times, sunset is at 8.40pm, and sunrise is at 5.44am.

Looking ahead to tomorrow, anticipate a cloudy morning with a possibility of showers. However, as the day progresses, the afternoon will bring dry conditions and widespread sunshine that will extend into the evening. A gentle easterly breeze will be present.

Now, for our hillwalker friends, here’s a 48-hour forecast tailored to you:

East Highlands, West Highlands, Cairngorms, and Skye: The freezing level will be above summits, and visibility is expected to be very good. Today, anticipate southeasterly winds at 10-15mph. Conditions will be largely dry with fairly sunny intervals. Tomorrow, expect easterly winds at 15mph, which will later become light and variable in direction. There’s a risk of showers during this period.

That’s all for your weather update on today. Whether you’re out on a hike or planning your day, stay informed and make the most of the conditions. And remember to check in with us tomorrow for the latest weather insights.


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